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Open Positions for Graduate Students (Spring of Fall 2024 semester)

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Come to work with us, MBTL


M.S. - Ph.D. Combined Candidate Positions


We are recruiting 2 fully-funded Ph.D. candidate or M.S. - Ph.D. combined candidate student to join MBTL in Keimyung university for Spring or Fall 2024 semester.

Qualified candidates of diverse biology, chemistry and engineering backgrounds are encouraged to apply for this position.

(We welcome students from various educational backgrounds)

The candidates are expected to study at least one of the following topics

  • Biochips and Biosensors with POCT(Point-Of-Care-Testing) application
  • Reproductive Engineering for improved IVF(In Vitro Fertilization) techniques
  • Microfluidic strategy for cell analysis (viability, growth rate etc.)


If you are consider to join MBTL, please email your CV/resume, a short cover letter to Professor Yun Seok Heo



Yun Seok Heo

Micro BioTechnology Laboratory (MBTL)


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